The 500

A workspace you can actually work on – not just walk on.


The 450

With heavy demand for going to bigger pens – the first HD450 popped out of the mold in 2011.


The 400

To bridge the gap between the 315 and the 450 models we developed the relative new addition to our portfolio – the 400.


The 315

With an innovative design this injection moulded bracket is the best solution for any 2 or 3 pipe pen with a size of up to 315mm.


The 250

Engineered to being the superior pipe bracket in this market segment of pens from 30 – 70 mtr circumference.


Square pens

Square pens have some advantages compared to the normal round pens. Often used in more sheltered sites for purposes as “nursery pens” or “smolt pens” but can also be used as harvest pens.


Bird poles

Custom fit solution for both new and existing pens.


Hvalpsund Extreme™ series

Make the pen edge a safer workplace

Hvalpsund Extreme ™ has the widest and most user-friendly walkway on the market. The model was designed and developed in close collaboration with people who work on the edge of the pen every day.

Wide course

Good HSE

The Hvalpsund Extreme series has extra wide walkways with non-slip surfaces and no tripping edges. This constitutes a platform that contributes to a safer and more comfortable workplace for the breeder.

Corrosion free

PE Plastic

Hvalpsund Extreme ™ is made of 100% PE, and thus has no hardware components that corrode and must be replaced.

Maintenance free

Long lifetime

Floating collars in plastic are a profitable investment for the breeder. You experience less wear and need for replacement of components, and the floating collars are virtually maintenance-free.

Strength and flexibility

In extreme weather conditions

Our buoyancy collars are designed and engineered to withstand extreme forces of nature.

Thoughtful choices

Sustainable solution

Both suppliers and players in the aquaculture industry have a great responsibility in contributing to creating a sustainable aquaculture industry. Therefore, it is important that we make good and thoughtful choices at every step of the process.

Different needs and conditions

High degree of adaptibility

One of the biggest advantages of the Hvalpsund ring is the opportunity you have to design the various products for your unique needs. For example, we have the opportunity to adapt the fastening of the jumping net to different needs and conditions.


Color coding of service points

One of the great advantages of the Hvalpsund ring is that you get so many opportunities to adapt functionality to your needs. This gives the breeders who work on the edge of the pen an easier and more efficient working day. Color coding of service points is a user-friendly solution that provides a good overview of the floating collar and simplifies the work with maintenance considerably.

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