The Mørenot HD500NG has been built in sizes from 120 to +200 mtr and currently in operation with farmers from Japan in the East, through Baltic sea, North Sea and to British Columbia in Canada.


Feedback from those using these pens as their daily workspace is that on the Mørenot HD500NG you can actually work – not just walk.

Pipe diameter
SDRWall thickness
500 mm
SDR 21
23,9 mm
500 mm
SDR 17
29,7 mm
500 mmSDR 13,6
36,8 mm
500 mm
SDR 11
45,4 mm

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Our sales people are specialists in technical equipment for fish farms. Feel free to contact us, if you want to know more about what Mørenot Aquaculture can contribute.

Casper Guldberg Petersen

Head of Pens aquaculture, Mørenot Denmark

Torben Henriksen

Sales Manager aquaculture, Mørenot Denmark