Free of hardware

The Hvalpsund-ring is made of 100% PE plastic and is free of steel components. Thus, the risk of corrosion is considerably reduced compared to traditional floating collars. In addition, the Hvalpsund ring requires very little maintenance.

MNA bracket system for the Hvalpsund ring is one of the elements delivered in 100% PE plastic. This is a more environmentally friendly and more durable solution than the alternatives available on the market today.

If you choose to use the Hvalpsund ring in combination with the Flexilink mooring frame, you get a sustainable, durable and hardware-free system that requires little maintenance.


- Corrosion-free floating collars require very little maintenance work compared to other solutions and also have a long service life. There is also no need to replace parts, which helps keep costs down
- Casper Guldberg Petersen, Segmentleder - Mørenot Aquaculture

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