Color coding of service points is a user-friendly solution that provides a good overview of the floating collar and simplifies the work with maintenance considerably.

In the picture below, you see a railing post at the mooring that is colored orange. 

The floating collar can also be delivered with a lid for a bottom ring that is colored red and a mooring for a boat that is colored blue.


Casper has observed fish farms on all continents of the world

Casper Guldberg Petersen has worked in the fishing and aquaculture industry since 2003. With Mørenot Denmark, formerly Hvalpsund Net, Casper has traveled all over the world to visit customers in the aquaculture indust

- In my opinion, the best thing about the Hvalpsund ring is that we have so many opportunities to give our customers special adaptations. In this way we can respond to theirs individual needs. This applies, for example, to specially made mooring points and key components with unique color codes
- Casper Guldberg Petersen, Segment leader - Mørenot Aquaculture

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Casper Guldberg Petersen

Head of Pens aquaculture, Mørenot Denmark

Torben Henriksen

Sales Manager aquaculture, Mørenot Denmark