The market's safest walkway

The Hvalpsund ring has a floating collar with extra wide walkways and a non-slip surface without trip edges.

With a walkway that is 1.3 meters wide, it is easier to move back and forth along the edge and perform the necessary work and maintenance. 

We are proud to be able to deliver the market's widest, safest and most user-friendly walkway that helps to make the cage edge a better and safer workplace.

The possibility of safety line

In addition to the walkway being extra wide, non-slip and without tripping edges, we at Mørenot Aquaculture have developed a safety line that can be mounted on the Hvalpsund ring.
The line goes seamlessly around the entire walkway so that it is possible to be connected to the line from the moment you leave the boat, and all the time you are on the walkway. The possibility of a safety line can only be found on the Hvalpsund ring.

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