Together we manage a great responsibility

Both suppliers and players in the aquaculture industry have a great responsibility to contribute to creating a sustainable aquaculture industry. Therefore, it is important that we make good and thoughtful choices in every step of the process.

At Mørenot Aquaculture, we are concerned with finding the most sustainable production methods and energy sources, while at the same time we want to facilitate that breeders all over the world can make good use of the resources they have available.

The Hvalpsund ring is one of our contributions to a more sustainable industry.

How does the Hvalpsund ring contribute to a more sustainable industry?

The Hvalpsund ring contributes to a more sustainable aquaculture industry in several ways. First and foremost by enabling the use of exposed locations. In order for this to be possible, the fish farms must have the opportunity to specially adapt their equipment to the conditions. With the Hvalpsund ring, you get a number of options for adapting the floating collar to your needs. Secondly, we work at Mørenot Aquaculture to create a circular life cycle for our floating collars. That is why we reuse materials from old products in the production of new ones. Finally, we want to highlight the use of green energy and local production. Whenever possible, we always choose suppliers who use green energy in their production. We also have a goal of moving all production of products to Scandinavia. Here we have already come a long way as all staple production already takes place in Denmark or Sweden.

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