We're excited to share some news from the deck of the vessel Mark, currently unloading in Reykjavík. Skippers Valdi and Leo are happy with  the recent implementation of our new Injector Sparrow Trawl doors, equipped with the innovative 4-leg back side chain.

Vessel MARK unloading in Reyjavik

Since the installation of the Injector Sparrow doors back in January, covering 11.5m² and weighing 5450kg, the Vessel MARK has had a successfull fishing endevaour in Greenland. The doors have significantly contributed to the efficiency and productivity of operations, garnering praise from both Valdi and Leo, the skippers at the helm.

Valdi and Leo, skippers on the vessel MARK

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, these Injector Sparrow Trawl doors have proven instrumental in optimizing fishing performance, enabling MARK's crew to navigate the waters of Greenland with precision and effectiveness.