In an ongoing collaboration with a third-party company in Denmark, Mørenot has initiated a project to investigate the increased circularity of the Hvalpsund cages - how to recycle end-of-life pens into new ones. Per today, Mørenot can offer walkways of 50 % recycled plastic. However, there is an ambition of increasing the percentage of components to be developed from recycled plastic, starting with the other non-critical parts.

End-of-life pens as a resource for new production

On the picture below you can see the process during which used pens can be recycled and utilized as a new resource. Once a pen is ready to be replaced, it is taken ashore where it is cut, its parts separated, before it is washed onsite. Thereafter, the parts are transported to Mørenots partners in Denmark, where the plastic is washed, grinded, and pelletized into granules. The granules can now be repurposed in new products. In this case, the granules are mixed in with new HDPE for production of walkways. The end-state of this process is of course when the recycled material is back in the sea.