It is a pleasure to announce that as of late yesterday evening an agreement stating that Mørenot will join into the Hampidjan Group was signed.

Hampidjan is a large industrial group which manufactures and sells fishing gear equipment, fish farming equipment, and service and products to offshore applications. The group is headquartered in Reykjavik, Iceland, and is present in key regions like the Nordics, Greenland, Iceland, Canada, the USA, and Australia. The Group has had an impressive history since 1934 and is currently employing approximately 1,200 people worldwide. Combined with Mørenot, the Group will increase their geographical presence, broaden their range of products and services offered to all major markets, and have a substantial manufacturing setup in Europe and Asia.

The change of ownership is expected to take place before end of the year and is only subject to approval from competition authorities in Iceland, Greenland, and the Faroes, in addition to approval from Hampidjan’s shareholders.

We expect the change of ownership to create new opportunities, as there are several large synergies between Mørenot and Hampidjan.

Press release sent out from Hampidjan:
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