Sustainable and circular solutions

We want to be a leading force in the development of solutions that contributes to a circular economy and sustainable harvest of the oceans. We approach this challenge from two different angles. We have initiated a project to map the CO2 footprint of our existing products. At the same time, we shall develop brand new solutions, such as Mørenot Collect and CATCH Linetech.


Climate and resource efficient production

We shall understand the climate impact of our operations and strive to reduce it. Today Mørenot reports on emissions directly controlled by the company (Scope 1) and indirect climate emissions related to purchased energy (Scope 2). At the same time, we are searching for initiatives to reduce our own climate emissions. One important initiative for us has been the development of a drying system for service of aquaculture nets based on electricity and heat recovery.


An attractive employer with a sustainable mindset

Our employees are our most important resource. Mørenot shall be a good place to work, where our employees experience their workday as meaningful and giving.

Value Chain

An ethical and transparent value chain

Mørenot shall be a driving force for an ethical and transparent value chain in our industries. We have developed a Supply Chain Code of Conduct that clearly defines our expectations to suppliers and business partners. We work continuously to monitor that these are followed.