This is a good fishing trawl, which is mainly used for double rays. The trawl is easy to twist and turn, and can be delivered with a long sack if desired. Alfredo Mørenot no.5 has been used on fishing boats for a lifetime, and is constantly being upgraded and adapted according to new requirements.


#634 Mørenot trawl is delivered with different lengths of fishing line and is easy to twist and turn. The trawl is used both for single and double radiation, has good throughput and produces very little nekjafisk.


#738 Mørenot trål was launched in 2008. This fishing trawl has good headline-height and makes good catches at ”veil”-fishing. It makes a good throughput of nekjafisk, and harvests the lot efficiently into the bag. In many occasions this trawl has the same usage as the double trawls, but with far lower fuel consumtion.


We offer offer semi-pelagic trawls of the highest quality, as we are always focused on optimizing and developing better solutions.


Mørenot's pelagic trawl, Kolmule, is 2208 meters and has 48 masks in front. Kolmule can be delivered with a variety of options: Double-rolled nylon, round. Capping nylon posts. Silver rope mix white Danline / Polyester. Danline. Danline with lead below.

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