Close to the aquaculture industry

Service needs can arise without a warning

Our servicestations are located in areas where the aquaculture industry is established. We have full coverage on the Norwegian coastline, as well as stations in Spain, Scotland, Shetland and Canada. All our servicestations offer quick and professional netservice right where our customers need it. 

All nets which are handled at a Mørenot servicestation are thoroughly tested and provided with a service report. As a customer of Mørenot you will get access to the Aquacom module, NETS. This module is free of charge and through intergrations with our internal systems you will have full overview of the nets conditions throughout the whole lifespan. You can sign in to Aquacom and the NETS module here.

All Mørenot servicestations offer: 

  • Washing and desinfection
  • Repairs
  • Antifouling / coating
  • Production and repair of delousing tarpaulins and lice skirts

Our servicestations are environmentally oriented, and equipped with low emission cleaning technology. 


Mørenot Scotland Ltd., Shetland deptartment is producing new nets and performing professjonal net service for the aquaculture industry.

David Goodlad

Managing director


Morenot Scotland Ltd, Hebrides department is producing mooring systems and performing professjonal net service for the aquaculture industry.

Iain MacLeod


Canada west

Mørenot Canada

Doren Anderson

General Manager


Mørenot Spain

Albert Comas Granell

General Manager

Jordi Comas

Sales Manager