- hardware free mooring grid

Flexilink® mooring grid is made from fiber and contains no hardware components. This eliminates mechanical breakage and secures against damages and escapes. We have delivered more than 300 successful installations for fish farmers in Norway, Canada and Scotland since the launch in 2012.

Flexilink® shows minimal signs of damage, even after several years in the sea. Inspections are performed on longer intervals, and installation is performed far more efficient than for traditional mooring systems.

Flexilink® mooring grid

Secures the fish farm and reduces total cost. You can take a closer look at the solution in this video.

Long lifespan

profitable investment

Flexilink® mooring grid is made from fibre, and is proven to be a profitable investment for the fish farmer. It has a longer lifetime and less breakage than traditional moorings which is assembled by hardware components.


easy and efficient

The mooring grid is prefabricated at Mørenot, and is delivered in containers to the fish farm. Installation is performed easy and efficient from a boat, in only a few hours.


24 months intervals

The inspection intervals are ususally longer than for traditional systems with mooring plates. According to the regulations for inspections from Nytek, periodical controls are to be performed every 24 months.

NS 9415

Certified and approved

The Flexilink® system was developed in close co-operation with the Norwegian research institute Sintef and professional fish farmers. The system is fulfilling all the regulations in the Norwegian quality standard NS 9415 and can be adjusted to all kinds of locations and conditions. Handling certificates is simple and well arranged, and we issue an assembled certificate for the complete grid. We perform engeneering of the mooring solutions according to regulations, customers demands and location report.

Delivery, installation and inspections

Flexilink® is prefabricated at Mørenot, and delivered in containers to the fish farm. Installation and inspections are performed safe and efficiently from a boat. You can see how it is being performed in these videos.

Preparation for installation
Installation from a boat
Easy inspections

Satisfied fish farmer

Arnøylaks was one of the first fish farmers to have Flexilink® installed (2013), and it turned out to be a successful solution for them. At their most exposed location in Skjervøy, which has very strong currents and movements from waves, Flexilink® now safeguards 3rd generation on this site.

Even after several years in the sea, the mooring looks exactly the same as when we had it installed. This has saved us from a lot of hassle and costs for maintenance, he says. We are considering a new Flexilink system for another exposed site.
General manager, Håvard Høgstad

Reliable mooring equipment

To minimize the risk of escape is our top priority when projecting mooring solutions for the fish farm.

In close co-operation with research institutes and hand-picked suppliers, we are always in the forefront of developments. We offer a module-based range of buoys, approved marker lights, and solid mooring ropes with high breaking strength and modest diameter.
We also offer a complete range of mooring equipment with hardware and especially adapted, ready-spliced ropes.

Our engineering department (Aqua Knowledge) also performs tests, calculations and analyzes to approve equipment for further use on existing or new sites.

Are you in doubt if your mooring equipment is still reliable? – please ask us for guidance.

Contact our sales department

Our sales team are specialized in technical solutions for the fish farm. We are happy to hear from you if want to know more about how we can contribute.

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Sales Manager, Southern Norway

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Sales Manager

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Head of Pens aquaculture, Mørenot Denmark

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