The traditional net design is best suited for relatively sheltered locations. These nets can be used with both single weights and bottom rings. We can also provide nets with bottom ring attachments integrated into the side ropes, allowing the bottom ring to hang directly within the net.



We manufacture all types of square nets: square, rectangular, with or without truncated corners. The nets can be customized to suit any need in terms of handling and usage. For example, we offer slaughter nets with and without divisions, various types of steel frames, fastenings, and submerging options.



Coned nets are best suited for locations with strong currents. The handling of submerging is much easier, but they require greater depth and have a slightly reduced volume.



Bottom ring/weight

For locations that are slightly more exposed to current, we recommend using a half-cone net to reduce the risk of contact between the net and the submerging system.



Centerlot (spaghetti bag)

Half-cone nets can also be provided for submerging with center weights, also known as spaghetti bags. These nets will withstand significantly more exposure to current. At the same time, the handling of the submerging process becomes considerably easier.

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