Our main longterm partner offers a high quality antifouling programme suitable for all markets in order to combat marine growth on fish farming nets.

Mørenot supplies all types of non-treatment products from our suppliers Steen Hansen, NetKem and Brynsløkken.

We supply everything from biocide-free alternatives to antifouling products with various biocides such as Copper and Econea (Tralopyril).

Mørenot has long experience with processing nuts and we offer introduction in the form of an impregnator, as well as drying from our efficient environmentally friendly drying facilities.

Mørenot also offers advice to customers in connection with choosing a non-treatment strategy.

Dypping-av-not-smal-green rectangle.jpg

Easy to apply, including with re-impregnation

Provides a very even and homogeneous film, usually also on shiny surfaces

The nets may be stored after impregnation

Keeps the nets soft and elastic

Easy to clean because algae growth is easily removed by rinsing

Steadily increasing focus on environmental and sustainable operating concepts drives technological development within the supplier chain in the aquaculture industry. 

Antifouling has been specially developed for green licenses, but may also be used by all types of fish farms.