Full overview and control with Aquacom

Technical operations, certification, quality assurance, maintenance and resource planning are fully integrated into the Aquacom family, which consists of modules that can be used independently, or set up together into a comprehensive integrated operation and maintenance system for the entire value chain.

In Aquacom, users will have access to their Dashboard, which is adapted according to access level and which modules they have access to.

Aquacom offshore

The offshore module (former MMCD) has been a valuable tool for many fish farmers since the launch in 2011.

All technical components - both over and underwater can be placed in the Aquacom Offshore module and the users will get instant access to all certificates, expiration dates, technical specifications, checklists, user manuals etc. The technical components can easily be moved from one site to another without any loss of historical data. If you have access to several marine sites you can, on one single page, have an updated technical status of all marine sites in to your company. The company overview page will show all open deviations, expired certificates and other important matters.

The system can also autogenerate a weekly report for all sites and send this by e-mail to responsible leaders. More than 300 marine fish farm sites in Norway and Scotland are using the Aquacom Offshore module in their day to day maintenance and surveillance of technical components.


A number of hatcheries and processing plants are already using the Aquacom Onshore module for technical maintenance and control of their machinery and technical equipment.

All kinds of checkpoints and maintenances can be set up for equipment like generators, pumps, feeding systems etc.

Together with the Aquacom Offshore module the company management will get a full overview of technical status of both sea and land facilities through the company overview page in Aquacom.


Large and smaller vessels involved in fish farm operations need to have a close technical follow up

 The Aquacom Vessels module is developed to ensure that all certification requirements are taken care of. Oil change, safety equipment, training program and certificates are some of the  functions that is covered in this module


Weather conditions, external and internal resources, safety, communication and documentation are important factors when planning and implementation of aquaculture operations. The planner module is a tool that allows you to control everything from minor tasks to major operations, enabling you to “act instantly” when conditions require it. Add your resources like personnel and work boats to optimize their workflow and capacity. Get detailed weather forecast for your sites and set up weather limits for tasks and operations. You can connect a work order to any asset, equipment or deviation you have added to Aquacom. All the data and information collected can be used to help with further profitability, resource usage and operation optimization etc. 

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