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Mørenot Offshore AS is a leader in the manufacture of strong and flexible ropes for all seismic activities.

Our commitment to product leadership ensures that we manufacture to the highest standards. This enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry; anticipate the future requirements of customers, harness new technologies and respond to change.


Plexus® is the brand name of our UHMPE ropes, typically manufactured in a 12 strand braided construction. Plexus® is delivered as both standard multipurpose constructions, as well as customized solutions. We deliver Plexus® made from Dyneema® yarn grades such as SK60, SK62, SK75, SK78, SK99, DM20 and with optional XBO finish. Plexus® is typically used as winch ropes, in towing and mooring applications, as pick-up and messenger lines, in subsea installations, anchor lines, lifting slings and grommets.

Plexus® PRO

Plexus® PRO is the name of our UHMPE ropes initially developed for towing applications. By optimizing the construction, we have achieved significantly higher strength compared to any other rope of same diameter. We deliver Plexus® PRO made from Dyneema® yarn grades such as SK60, SK62, SK75, SK78, SK99, DM20 and with optional XBO finish. Plexus® is typically used as winch ropes and towing.

Danline and Gold rope

Our Danline and Gold rope are made from a fiber consisting of a mix of polypropylene and polyethylene materials. These multi-purpose ropes are suitable for a wide range of applications. Gold rope has more UV pigmentation than the Danline rope and is more suitable for use in sun exposed applications. The ropes’ main characteristics are the 3-strand construction and 0,92 specific gravity. Elongation at break is approx. 22%. Melting point 130 ºC. Water absorption 0%.

Mooring rope

Our most common brand is Gold Mooring rope. Where higher breaking strength is required, we offer Master mooring rope or Plexus®.

Emergency tow

Often consists of a light weight section made of Plexus® and a shock absorbing section made of nylon or similar fiber. You may have one or two connection points in each end – pending on type of emergency tow for that specific vessel. Most solutions are custom made for each vessel and vessel type, size etc determines type and length of emergency tow line. Please contact us for more info.


All of our ropes are delivered with MNO coating as standard. This is a coating suited for multipurpose use, enhancing both splice efficiency, the handling of the rope and the breaking strength. There are several coatings to choose from, all depending on which qualities need to be improved. Areas where special coatings should be considered are UV protection, bend over sheave and friction properties, flame-retardants and others.

Cable grips

We deliver cable grips to handle cables, hoses and steel wires with a diameter up to approx. 100mm. Larger grips are available upon request.

Cover Braiding

At our rope factory, we have extensive experience in the cover braiding of ropes, cables, steel wires and other products. A braided cover is a good protection against wear and tear, and increases the lifetime of the core ropes. We are providing cover braids in a variety of materials and constructions. The choice of cover and cover materials is pending on the application. Our unique patented MNO cover ensures optimum protection of the core rope. The cover is made from a flat braided webbing. The MNO cover can be custom made with added features integrated in the webbing. These features may be cables, wires, monofilaments, tubes, hoses and ropes. We can deliver cover with fairings for reduced drag and strumming for cables towed in sea.

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