Salmar's new Ocean Farming project requires equipment that can withstand the tough conditions in the ocean off the Norwegian coast. Mørenot uses fiber to create the world's strongest and most advanced notch and pitch technology for the project.
by May-Linn Hårvik, 30. September 2017

Delivers the world’s strongest rope to Ocean Farming

Salmar's new Ocean Farming project requires equipment that can withstand the harsh conditions off the Norwegian coast. Mørenot uses the best fibers to create the world's strongest and most advanced net and rope technology for the project.

- Ocean Farming is a completely new way of thinking when it comes to fish farming. Conventional cages are normally protected as they are located close to shore or in a fjord. An offshore salmon installation requires a different technology. We use the most robust rope and netting technology that exists today in this project, says Bente Lund Jacobsen, CEO of Mørenot Aquaculture.

On February 28th Salmar’s Ocean Farming project received the first eight research licenses from the Fishery Directorate and they can now start to build their offshore installation. Mørenot was hand picked to participate in the project.

- In this project, we use the most innovative technology from the offshore and fish farming industry. The solutions provide opportunities that we could not even dream of before. This is a big step forward for the industry and we are very proud to be an important part of the development, says Lund Jacobsen.

Endures rough weather and strong winds

Mørenot Aquaculture will supply the main net, safety net, net for crowding the fish, rope arrangements, Grading Panel and winch system for the net arrangements. Everything is tailor made for the Ocean Farming project.

-        We use the world's strongest fiber Dyneema® from DSM to develop nets that can handle the conditions offshore. We have also developed automatic control systems that can tolerate strong wind and tough weather. These systems can also assist when grading and separating the fish, says Lund Jacobsen.

The fiber netting is treated with MA's special coating to ensure the strength and endurance. Kongsberg Evotec has delivered the winch systems to the project.   

International potential

Family owned Mørenot Aquaculture, based in Sovik, has just started producing the various parts. Several Mørenot companies in Norway, Spain and Shetland are involved.

-Today we export aquaculture equipment all over the globe. We believe the technology used in Ocean Farming, especially the fiber net, has a great potential worldwide, says Lund Jacobsen.

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