Mørenots three divisions are operating in three different segments within the marine and maritime industry. Our subsidiaries are subjects to the divisions.

Mørenot Fishery manufactures and supplies all types of fishing gear, from high quality purse seine to reliable longline equipment. We are present in all major markets and our extensive experience makes us the preferred source for gear used in commercial fishing. 

Mørenot Aquaculture developes and manufactures fish farming solutions for the global aquaculture industry. Our core areas are nets, moorings, sevice and cunsulting services. We consider ourselves to be driving force of the technological evolution in the aquaculture industry.

Mørenot Offshore creates tailor-made seismic towing solutions. As the preferred supplier to the global marine seismic industry, we offer you the most effective and fuel-efficient products available. Our innovative solutions will improve your operations and reduce cost. For decades, we have been serving the customers with high-end solutions and timely deliveries worldwide.  Our philosophy has always been to deliver innovative products that represents added value to our customers.