Netrobot™ keeps the aquaculture net clean

The Netrobot™ is an autonomous underwater robot which keeps the aquaculture net free from fouling and contamination. It is installed on a clean net, and brushes the net wall with low intensity for as long at the fish farmer desires.

Netrobot™ is developed by Mørenot Robotics in Bodø, Norway – which is a part of Mørenot Aquaculture. It was nominated for the Innovation award during AquaNor 2019. More to read here

Clean net

Avoid Fouling

Netrobot™ is quiet and works continuously and prevents fouling organisms to settle on the net. Fouling on aquaculture nets follows the same cycle as nature in general – the organisms start to grow in spring and continue growing through the summer and autumn. When the seawater gets warmer, the amount of fouling increases, and it may become necessary to clean the nets every two weeks if a Netrobot™ is not on duty.

Healthy fish

Healthy growth rate

The fish shows no sign of stress when a Netrobot™ is working. The robot will therefore not cause a reduction in the feed intake, and a healthy growth rate can be maintained. In-situ cleaning dislodges the fouling, and the organisms float freely inside the cage – which can affect the fish.

Gentle brushing

Retains the net

The brushing process is gentle to the fish and the net. The robot brushes the net 24/7 preventing the fouling from settling and eliminating the need for jetting, which will increase wear and tear and risk of damage to the net. The underlying principle is the same as for a robot lawn mower.

Netrobot™ brushing the net

See how the robot is working inside the aquaculture net

Technical details:

  • Body made of PE-plastic
  • Brushes on the inside of the net
  • Horisontal and vertical thrusters
Weight:15 kgs
Electric power: 350 watt/h
Measures:75x75x15 cm
Supplements: 25 meters electrical cable
Junction box

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