Mørenot Aquaculture is working out design, calculations and technical solutions for our customer and for internal use. 


Through our consultancy company, Aqua Knowledge AS, we supply fish farming companies in Norway and internationally. Our employees have a varied background, both with theoretical education in engineering and practical experience from the fish farming industry. As a result, we have a great insight into the challenges facing the industry, as well as the ability and motivation to find the best solutions when we design and analyse floating fish farms.

Announcements of development licenses have become a driver for development of new technology in the aquaculture industry. Aqua Knowledge participates actively in several projects as a direct result of this arrangement.

Our services

Technical analysis

  • Accredited mooring analysis for all types of fish farms and barges
  • Projecting and dimensioning of components
  • Evaluation of used components for further approval/extension of life time
  • Technical analysis of fish farming nets and dimension class 0

Component database Aquacom for the running and maintenance of all technical equipment on a fish farming. Ensures that all requirements meet the NYTEK-standard connected to technical maintenance and inspections.

Site planning
Planning of new sites and complete site applications in collaboration with the customer.

R&D projects
Aqua Knowledge is contributing to several R&D projects that will lead to a more secure and more sustainable aquaculture industry.

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