Exchanging experience on site
– Dialogue with customers often brings up a lot of good ideas for new solutions, says Gunnar Larsen Plany. From left: Torstein Myrvågnes (Service Employee at Plany), Gunnar Larsen (CEO at Plany), Sindre Vattøy (Operations Manager at Marine Harvest), Vibeke Hanssen (Sales and Marketing Manager at Mørenot Aquaculture), Bente Lund Jacobsen (CEO at Mørenot Aquaculture), and Kenneth Brandal (Marketing at Plany).
Focusing on proximity to customers
– “If we are to be the best, we must be on site and get feedback directly from our customers,” says Kenneth Brandal. From left: Sindre Vattøy, Kenneth Brandal, Gunnar Larsen, Bente Lund Jacobsen and Vibeke Hanssen.
by Nina Hildre, 30. September 2017

Plany enhance service capacity through cooperation with Mørenot

Plany and Mørenot Aquaculture have signed an agreement which sees Mørenot become Plany’s authorized service partner. This agreement allows Plany to provide quick and thorough service on their products at Mørenot ‘s many service stations. 

With constantly increasing and larger deliveries to the Global farming industry, Plany realized the need for a more comprehensive service network.

So far our customers have been offered service at our own facilities in Gursken. We see that it creates restrictions on capacity and long distances for some of them. The agreement with Mørenot Aquaculture will make sure that our customers receive quality-assured services when they need it and where they need it. We are increasing capacity and expertise, and we get more experienced input from customers,” says Gunnar Larsen, CEO at Plany.

“We are focusing on proximity to customers and knowledge in the industry to develop the most profitable solutions. If we want to be the best, we must be on site and get feedback directly from the customers,” says Kenneth Brandal, Marketing Manager at Plany.

Mørenot Aquaculture are already servicing lice skirts and delousing tarpaulins at their service stations today. Vibeke Hanssen, Sales and Marketing Manager at Mørenot Aquaculture, sees many new possibilities in cooperating with Plany.

“The fact that we are Plany’s authorized service partner provides an additional security for the customers. Through this partnership we will also get useful input for the development of new products,” says Hanssen.

Please contact us for more information:

Plany AS
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Administrerende direktør

Telefon 901 05 694
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Mørenot Aquaculture
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Export Manager
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Plany AS has 19 employees and is based in Gursken in Sande municipality on the west coast of Norway. The company provides profitable solutions to the aquaculture, agriculture and maritime industry, in Norway and Internationally. To fish farming, the main products are lice skirts, freshwater reservoir, delousing tarpaulins and disinfecting solutions. 

The Mørenot Group consists of companies with leading positions in International market as suppliers to customers in the fishing, aquaculture and seismic industries. By focusing on innovation, quality and high level of service, Mørenot Aquaculture aim to be the preferred supplier to the aquaculture industry. Mørenot Aquaculture’s continuous product development creates innovative solutions through close collaboration with the aquaculture industry, other suppliers and research institutes. Our driving force is the aquaculture industry’s challenges.