The future’s net coating: A small revolution within net coating is launched by Mørenot at Aqua Nor in Trondheim this week. Vi Cote from Mørenot Aquaculture without copper is tomorrow’s net coating.

Vi Cote is used to protect the nets against repeated subsea washing while the product has high durability, maintains the quality of nets and prolongs its lifetime.

With zero copper and numerous other benefits, Mørenot Aquaculture expects great interest in this product which has been tested in Scotland over a period of 2-3 years.

- We focus on developing and improving products to the aquaculture industry's advantage. Our latest addition is certainly in accordance with our intentions to contribute to an environmentally sound and future-oriented product range, says Bente Lund Jacobsen, CEO of Mørenot Aquaculture. After several years searching for a coating that will last even after numerous subsea washing cycles – we now believe we have found the right solution, Jacobsen continues. 

The development of Vi Cote began with collaboration between Vicrapor Ltd., a fish farming company and Mørenot Aquacultures Scottish companies. Testing over time documented that they had found a base for the development of an environmentally sound and sustainable coating for nets.

- Vi Cote fits well with our environmental commitment. There is no addition of copper, and gives a smooth, hard and rigid surface. The coating is optimal for subsea washing and particularly tailored for the ASC standard. With a polymer-based surface giving the net a particularly high wear resistance that does not vanish after repeated sub sea washing.  The coating stays on the net for at least two cycles.

I am sure that the product will be well received by our customers in all markets. It's about time to establish a coating developed on the environment's terms, which holds several properties that safeguard farmers' demands, says Bente Lund Jacobsen in Mørenot Aquaculture.

CEO Bente Lund Jacobsen