Mørenot Aquacultures consultancy Department

We perform consulting services for external customers as well as internally in the Mørenot group. Together our 5 employees have a good combination of higher engineering education, practical experience in fish farming and a strong interest in the fields we work with.

We are located in Tysvær, southwest in Norway, and have clients all along the Norwegian coast. Our main field is technical analysis of mooring systems and nets. We also conduct many projects where we are responsible for the project management, new aquaculture installations or remodeling of existing facilities.
During Aqua Nor 2011, we launched MMCD (MøreNot Main Component Database) which is a web based database for registration, maintenance and monitoring of technical equipment on farms. The database includes all the main components which are required for certification in accordance to NYTEK Regulations and NS 9415. By using this tool actively in everyday life, you, the certification companies and the authorities have full control of;
 • Certificates 
 • Living Times 
 • Inspection Interval 
 • Maintenance Interval 
 • Creating and closing of the deviations
 • Documents related certification
Contact us at:
Tel: +47 474 84 803
E-mail: mmcd@morenot.no
Login: www.mmcd.no (link to the login page)
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ntN9ugyDw