Ambitious fish farmers choose MøreNot

Fish farming has become a global business with considerable cross-border impact.

MøreNot is involved in continuous product development and has created innovative solutions, thanks to close cooperation with fish farmers and research institutions. The driving force is the fish farming industry's challenges, such as larger values in the cages, increased profitability requirements, new regulatory requirements and more. Proximity to the customer is important in a global market.  
MøreNot AS is ISO 9001:2008 accredited. Our products are accredited in accordance with NS 9415.  
Customised construction
Fish farmers have different working methods, therefore we offer tailor-made nets that are optimized to the individual operation, type of mooring and requirements. In practice, this means an easier life for fish farmers. All nets must be made in accordance with NS 9415.
MøreNot is well known for unique quality and flexibility

MøreNot manufactures netting at its own factory in Norway, and assembles nets at our net lofts in Norway and abroad. The result is customised quality nets - with a speedy delivery.

Nets at lower prices, made to the customers' specification, can be supplied from Asia.